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Plastic Venus - Raash Besheket (dvd +cd)

Plastic Venus - Raash Besheket (dvd +cd)

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Uganda Records CD + DVD

רעש בשקט aka "Ra'ash Besheket" (Quiet noise) is a film directed by Nir Bergman and documents the band Plastic Venus's last days in Israel before leaving for London in aspiration of international success. The film focuses on the director's sister, Ronit Bergman, who was the band's lead singer. The rest of the band members, Yoram Gur, Hagar Magen and diamond also appear in the film. Bergman's film was not available to wide audiences since its completion two decades ago. The boxed set includes the film and the bands debut album Plastic Venus - Plastic Venus, along with 10 cardboard inserts with pictures from the film.

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