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Mouth And Foot - Under

Mouth And Foot - Under

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Uganda Records LP

The Foot and Mouth continue to follow through with the obligation they took upon themselves in the 1980s – to release an album every six years until they turn 80 years old – and are now releasing their fifth album: Under.

As in 1989,1995, 2001, and 2007, in 2013 the Foot and Mouth are still keeping true to each and every clause of their initial code: The cover of the new album is the same as of all those before it; it includes, among other instruments, the beloved Casio synthesizer; the title track's name is the same name as the last album; it includes a short track, a commissioned track, a a finality-themed track, it includes a track in the second person which rails against the better sex, and a cover of a patriotic song which carries a hidden message. As always, the record label which agreed to release the album will go bankrupt.

But the Foot and Mouth do no shy away from trying new things:
Under was released in a special package including a vinyl, a CD, and a password to download the album online

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